web & app developments

  • We build apps.
    We build apps.

    We use our own development software for building apps at affordable prices, for both Apple and Android devices.

  • APPS: Tourism
    APPS: Tourism

    Mobile tourism apps are the perfect service for any visitor. Your guests will have all tourist information right on their smartphone while visiting your city or region.

  • APPS: Bars & Restaurants
    APPS: Bars & Restaurants

    Attract new guests, let them make reservations, show your menu and welcome more frequent visitors thanks to the app. Show menus. Create reservations. In-App Loyalty Card. Send push notifications. Create events. Show dish of the day. Sell take-away and on-delivery via the app.

  • APPS: Online Shops
    APPS: Online Shops

    Keep in touch with your clientel via news and push notifications, connect to your existing online presence.

  • APPS: Real Estate
    APPS: Real Estate

    Connect to your existing online presence, keep in touch with your clientel via news and push notifications.

  • APPS: Artists
    APPS: Artists

    As an artist, you enhance your exposure with a music app. Integrate your online platforms and social networks easily.


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