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webDoes your current Website design need refreshing or additions?
Is your current web design not generating returns as an advertising tool?
Is your current web design invisible to the major search engines and therefore your potential customers?
Do you have a company identity that you would like to be incorporated into a web site design?
Do you need advice on all aspects of e-commerce and web design?
Do you require a multilingual website design?

An attractive website design is of course a must but does it immediately present potential customers with the required minimum information?

Studies show that if visitors cannot find the information they require on a website within ~30 seconds they will move on to another Web site.
  • Does your web site fulfil this criteria?
  • Is the web design slow to load?
  • Once the web site has loaded is it immediately apparent who you are and what you offer?
  • Is your Web design navigation simple and straightforward?
  • Is your Website design up-to-date or do links lead no-where or even worse to incorrect information?
  • Does your Web site design cater for multilingual or bilingual users?
  • Can your Website be displayed on Smartphones and tablets?

If not you are losing potential customers


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