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PuzzleWe can design and produce a website to your exact requirements incorporating your current company "image" or starting from a completely new design.
The process starts with a full consultation between our web designers and you to set out the initial parameters, layout, colours and content for your web site. This can be done via phone, Skype, email, chat or online messaging.
  • The preliminary Web design is worked through with you until you are satisfied with the appearance and layout of the design.
  • At all times the development of the Web design is under your full control with regular consultation either by phone, email, chat, online or face-to-face with our designers.
  • Translations for a multilingual Web site to other required languages ( e.g. French, German, Spanish etc ) can be done by us as well as domain-name acquisition (the "").
  • Hosting (how your Website is broadcast to the internet) can also be arranged with our trusted partners.
  • All maintenance and updating of the Web site and its design can of course be handled by us.

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